Ask a Plumber Before Buying Fixures

An experienced plumber has seen just about every type of fixture from toilets, sinks, faucets to shower heads and they can tell you which ones to avoid and which ones they would recommend based on your budget.

Many Plumbers can provide you with the fixtures themselves and include it in the total price, which can save you time and money and can avoid confusion as to whose responsibility it is. One way to get around this is to check with the plumber up front about what brands or lines he recommends and then buy those brands.

Checking with the plumber up front also gets you around the third problem. Every product or line of products has its own installation quirks. Choosing a fixture that is familiar to your plumber assures that you will get the full advantage of his expertise and experience. If instead, you choose something he's never worked with, expect that you'll be paying for some on-the-job learning mistakes.

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