Backflow Preventers

Backflow Preventers work just as their name implies; they prevent backflow.

When water flows from a source, it typically has chemicals added to ensure that the water is clean and free from bacteria or other hazardous material.

However, when water leaves a purified source, and flows back into its original direction, it will become polluted and contaminated.

Backflow Preventers are critical in preventing this process. The Backflow Preventer is a device that will prevent water from flowing back to its main source.

There are two main causes of water backflow. These are backpressure and backsiphonage.

  • Backpressure is a result of pressure building up due to an increase of substances in the system. This hinders the water’s ability to circulate properly and causes the water to flow backwards.
  • Backsiphonage is caused when water pressure suddenly drops, causing the water to flow the other way. The result is a siphoning, or suctioning that draws contaminants into the water. This may happen if there has been an increased demand on the water supply.
  • Prevention and maintenance of your Backflow Preventers are the best way to protect your water system.
  • It should also be noted that only licensed professionals plumbers should install Backflow Preventers, as both federal and state law regulates these. When looking for a local plumber to install, repair or maintain your Backflow Preventer, you should ask if they are certified in backflow prevention.
  • However, it is the property owner’s responsibility to check and test their Backflow Preventers to ensure that they are working correctly.
  • There are a number of different parts that must be kept in optimum working order to ensure that Backflow Preventers are functioning correctly.
  • These include pressure regulators, ball valves, gate valves, strainers, thermal expansion tanks, and enclosures.
  • Backflow Preventers should also be tested, by use of a testing kit, to make certain that they are operating smoothly.
  • Whether you need heavy duty Backflow Preventers for large-scale operations, or Preventers for residential needs, it is imperative that Preventers are in premium working order.

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