Remodeling Your Bathroom

If you have a bathroom remodeling project in mind, you will want to remember one thing, the plumbing.

If you are re-routing your plumbing or upgrading the pipes and fixtures, you might consider a plumber to save some time and have the job done correctly.

Many do-it-yourself bathroom remodeling projects result in leaky pipes, improper materials and frustration.
If you are planning to do the project yourself, you still want a plumber to come in and do the piping. Even if you hire a private home improvement plumbing contractor, you still want to make sure that a licensed plumber does all of the work that involves the plumbing.

  • It is important that all pipes and fixtures are the right size and have the right fittings. When a plumber does the job, they will also seal the fittings and make sure that all fixtures are free from any leaks.
  • Bathroom remodeling projects almost always require some type of plumbing work and if the pipes in the walls need to be replaced, who better than a plumber who has all of the tools and training to do it the proper way.  Many people forget about the plumbing until they start the project and realize that they do not have the tools or the skills to run the piping through the walls down to the basement.
  • Once in the basement, the pipes need to be attached to the water supply. If you are unsure of sizes, lengths and fittings, you could create more problems for yourself.
  • Something that most people forget about when doing a home plumbing project, is that plumbers use “plumbers tape” to seal all fittings when tightening them up. They are trained on how to tighten pipes and fittings without out making them too tight or too loose. If you would over tighten the fitting and pipes, you could end up spending more money for new fittings and piping.
Plan your bathroom remodeling project to include a professional plumber and prevent future problems that could arise in your newly remodeled bathroom.

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