Circulator Pumps

Most homes do not have circulator pumps as part of their standard plumbing system.

If you do have one installed in your home, you will have hot water as soon as you turn on a water faucet. This is because the pump keeps some amount of water circulating through the pipes. Homes that do not have circulator pumps need to wait until the water from the water heater reaches the water faucet.

A professional plumber can install these pumps in your home which can also save you money on your water bill. The cost of the pump circulating the water is far less than the cost of wasted water.

A homeowner can have the wet rotor type or in-line circulator pumps installed in their homes.

  • If you decide that you want to have a pump installed, you should use an experienced plumber to do the installation. Plumbers are trained to both install and test the pumps to insure that they are working properly. A plumber will normally run the lines to the faucet which is the furthest from the hot water heater. This will make sure that all of the faucets have hot water as soon as you turn on any faucet in your home.
  • If you want to install any type of circulation pumps in your home or residential building, you need to have a plumber do the job. It is not a job that you should consider doing by yourself. There is a certain amount of training needed to accomplish this type of work and plumbers are the ones who are trained to do it right. Once you have the pump installed, you will start appreciating hot water sooner rather than waiting for the cold water to turn to hot.
  • One other thing you will want to remember is that you need to wrap the pipes in foam in order to keep the pipes insulated. This will reduce the need to run the pump as often.

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