Copper Piping

Housing codes differ and vary between states when it comes to the type of copper piping you need to use in your home.  If you are allowed a choice of which type of piping to use, you need to determine which type will best serve and meet your needs in the long run.

A professional plumber is able to choose the right type of plumbing for every job.

You, as the homeowner, will benefit from copper piping that is going to endure as long as your home. A professional plumber will first check the codes for your area, and then install the correct piping for formability and strength.

Copper piping is flexible to bend, making the job much faster than having to make cuts and attach fittings.

  • When you have an experienced plumber do the job, they will come in with the correct copper piping and fittings to install your plumbing the right way. The hard drawn tube and the annealed tube piping are flexible to bend with a special tool called a hand bender. A plumber will have the right size for every size of pipe there is on the market. They will use capillary fittings on the soldered joints for drainage and water pipes.
  • Another thing the professional plumber can do for you is to install mechanical joints, which are used mainly underground. Whenever you have a need for new plumbing in your home, a qualified plumber is the one that has all the tools and knowledge to do the job and make sure it is done correctly.
  • Copper piping is easy to work with, but only if you are an experienced welder or pipe fitter. If you try to do this type of work yourself, you could run into problems that may cost more to re-do than if you had hired a qualified plumber in the first place.
If you are unfamiliar with the term “brazing”, then you should consider a professional plumber for the job. 

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