Drain Cleaning

As a homeowner, you know how important it is to keep the drains clean and free of debris build up. Drain cleaning is not always as easy to do as one might think.

Over the years, drains can become smaller as things we pour down the drain eventually stick to the sides.

In the case of sink drains, you need to keep them clean, especially if you pour grease and oil down them like many people do. However, you should really try to avoid allowing grease and oil to be poured down the drains.

  • The simple methods of drain cleaning may not work if your drains are clogged or have a heavy build up of sediment. In these situations, a plumber may need to come in and use a “snake” to clean the drains. Cleaning out the pipes with a snake may need to be performed on an annual basis, depending on what type of use your drains receive.
  • clean many different types of drains including toilets, tub and shower drains, grease traps, septic pipes, and floor drains. They have the tools and supplies needed for safely and effectively cleaning the drains. So if you have a stubborn clog that will not drain, you are probably best served to contact an experienced, local plumber.
  • Drain cleaning may also require the use of a snake to clean out sewer pipes. These may become blocked due to tree roots growing into them. As strange as this may sound, it is not a rare occurrence.
  • Homeowners have spent many hours trying to figure out why drains are not working, only to discover that tree roots were growing in the outside sewer line.
  • A plumber will come in and determine the cause of the drain problem and determine the best solution before beginning the necessary type of drain cleaning. Once they conclude it is tree roots causing the blockage, they will bring in an electric snake unit to clear the roots and restore drainage to your home.

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