Plumbing Remodel The Smart Way

If you are planning substantial remodeling work, make sure you get three quotes.

More than likely, each plumber will have different suggestions.

 Listen to their suggestions and reasons, and decide which ideas make the most sense to you.

    *** Always get a fixed price quote for the job and make sure that model numbers are clearly indicated in the contracts you sign. If the plumber installs the wrong fixture and you can't figure out whose fault it is, you can have a real problem.  This will also help to avoid misunderstandings if new work is added to the price based on something you added after the original quote.

While plumbing work is expensive, there are many things that can be done to lower the costs.

Don't place too much emphasis on hourly rates. Instead, choose a plumber that has a consistent track record of pleasing his clients and use a variety of techniques to lower your costs.

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